Endless sandy beaches and pristine waters: Fuerteventura is the perfect holiday destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts.


The beaches at Morro Jable, Playa de Esquinzo, Mal Nombre, El Salmo and Sotavento, in the south east of the island, together form Jandia peninsula’s 20 km long beach. When talking about Jandia, one usually refers to the resort with the same name and the Playa de Matorral beach that stretches from Morro Jable fishing village to the lighthouse. The colour of its waters and the entrance of the soft slope make this beach the favourite among Fuerteventura visitors.

Playa de Esquinzo

Our hotel is right by Playa de Esquinzo, featuring direct beach access. Esquinzo beach, with its 3 km of powdery sand, is perfect for lazy beach days. Furthermore, the beach offers the right conditions for all kinds of water sports including windsurfing, kite surfing, body boarding and stand-up paddle boarding. It is also the perfect haven for nudists.

Playa del Mal Nombre

This is the perfect beach for kids, since its soft slope makes it easy to swim and it is off the beaten track. Besides, nudists also find the necessary privacy which makes it an ideal choice for them as well.

Playa El Salmo

This is the ideal beach for people looking for some peace and quiet, escaping from crowds. You’ll just be accompanied by the sound of the waves. The vicinity is not very touristy, so you are unlikely to see any visitors.

Playa de Sotavento

The Sotavento beach is made of two stretches: playa Risco del Paso and Barca beach. This beach is very popular among windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts. Every summer, Sotavento plays host to windsurfing and kitesurfing tournaments. You will marvel at its beautiful lagoon. Thanks to the good conditions of the wind and the waves, both stretches offer a surfing school. Most of the visitors practise surfing or kitesurfing in Risco del Paso beach, where nudists feel at home since the dunes protect them from the wind and they find the necessary privacy to sunbathe. Whereas Barca, the golden sand beach which covers 1.5 Km. represents Costa Calma’s resort beach and its scarce waves make it the ideal option for all the family.

Playa de Cofete

Even though Cofete is not the ideal beach for swimming -due to the strong current and waves- it is still worth visiting since it is one of the favourite excursions in the peninsula of Jandia. This is a beach that looks endless and that combined with its blue skies and its dark mountains they make up a magical scenery. Because of its landscape value, this beach won the Travellers Choice Award in 2014, placing it amongst the 25 most beautiful beaches of Europe.

Corralejo Natural Park

In the north of Fuerteventura, you can find amazing dunes of fine sand in the Corralejo Natural Park and from them you can enjoy the breath-taking views of Isla de Lobos and Lanzarote. As most beaches in Fuerteventura, this beach offers nudist, windsurfing and kitesurfing areas.

El Cotillo

It is very popular among surfers and peace and quiet seekers. This small town known as El Cotillo is located in the north of the island and it offers dreamy beaches with white, fine sand.

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